First Strike
FirstStrike Mod

First Strike Mod

The Republic is gone. The Jedi are no more. The Empire has risen. With the Dark Lord of the Sith at his side, Emperor Palpatine has installed dozens of Moffs across the galaxy, in an effort to seize even more power for himself. The Constitution has been amended countless times. There are Star Destroyers in every system, Stormtroopers on every major planet. Freedoms have been severely limited during the New Order.
A few good men and women from the Senate have decided that enough is enough. They decide to form the Rebel Alliance to restore the Republic in order to combat the evil Galactic Empire. With the backing of major manufacturers and species, the Rebels can effectively wage a war against the tyrannical Galactic Empire.

Battles will be fought on multiple worlds. From the lush jungles of Yavin IV, to the snowy plains of Hoth. Both sides can win. The Rebel Alliance with its guerrilla tactics, and the Galactic Empire with it's brute force. It is only a matter of who will strike first.

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